The process of registration will be followed so as to ensure that the admission of learners takes place in a timely and efficient manner. In this regard, prospective parents are responsible to apply for admission of their children to Christian School Lesedi la Ditshaba before the end of the preceding school year. However should there be any vacancies in a class at the beginning of a school year, applications for registration will be considered at that time.

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The Principal and/ or admissions team at the school is responsible for the administration of the admission of learners into the school. Administration and admissions includes the issuing of transfer cards to learners moving to a new school or forwarding learners information to the new school.


1.1. No learner aged 16 who has never attended school previously will be admitted.
1.2. No enrolled learner will be allowed to attend the primary school after they ave
turned 18. Such learners will however be permitted to attend school till the end of the year which he turns 19.


2.1. A learner age four and turning five by the 30th of June of that year may be admitted to Grade R class.
2.2. Admission of the learner turning five by the 30th of June in that year will result
in the learner studying Grade R for two consecutive years. This must be clearly communicated to the parents/guardians prior to issuing the application forms.
2.3. A learner aged five years and turning six by 30 June of that year must be admitted to Grade R.


3.1. A leaner aged six and turning seven by 30 June in that year must be admitted to Grade 1
3.2. A learner aged five and turning six by the 30th of the year of admission may be admitted. Admission of this learner will depend on the discretion of the principal and the relevant educators. In case the learner cannot be admitted, recommendations may be made for e learner to rather be admitted in Grade R. all interactions, recommendations must be communicated with the parents/ guardians of the learner.

Note: The admission of all learners is at the discretion of the Principal who acts under the delegation of the executive Board of the school.


4.1. Interviews will be conducted with parents/ guardians who will like to enroll their children to Christian School Lesedi La Ditshaba.

4.2. Reasons for interview

  • Clarify that the school is Christian in order to try and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Share the principles of the school with the parent/ guardian, to make sure that they understand.
  • Parents/ guardian will be given a chance to state their concerns and ask to get clarity on any issue that they might want to.
  • Share and explain the responsibilities and accountability of parents/ guardians towards their relationship with the school.
  • Explain the “Parents Grievance Procedure”.
  • Explain the learners code of conduct and the responsibilities of parents towards their children, expected by the school.
  • Clarify the matters of finances and contract therein.

4.3. Who will conduct the interview?

  • The Principal and
  • One or two members of the School Board

4.4. Questions during the interview.

The interviewers will formulate a set of questions that will be asked to each parent/guardian, however the interviewing process will be flexible, acknowledging the concerns of the parent/ guardian.
Interviews must be conducted at least 4 weeks after the prescribed closing date of registration.
Note: Christian School Lesedi la Ditshaba has the right to decide not to enroll the child after the interview has been conducted with the parent/ guardian, especially if it will be at the best interest of the learner.

Notification of the outcome of the interview will be done within 7days after the interview.


5.1. Registration of learners currently enrolled at another school and who intends enrolling at Christian School Lesedi La Ditshaba will take place before the end of specified date of the current school year, where possible.

5.2. A registration fee is charged for administration.

5.3. The registration fee is determined by the School Board and might not necessarily be the same for new and learners already registered at Christian School Lesedi La Disthaba.

5.4. The registration fee is compulsory and non-refundable. Refunds will only be considered in the event of death or sickness of anyone affecting the learner Parents will receive a registration form to complete when registering a learner.

5.5. The registration form must be completed for each learner, making sure that all the required information is filled in.


6.1. A parent/ guardian must complete the relevant forms and contractual agreements for admission of the learner to Christian School Lesedi la Ditshaba. The parent/guardian will receive assistance in filling in the form if needed.

6.2. A signed agreement/ contract by the parent/ guardian, as evidence that he/ she agrees with the mission and vision, all procedures of the school, prescribed fees, method of fess payment and responsibilities as the primary caregiver in respect to the learner

6.3. An official Birth Certificate of the learner

6.4. Proof that the learner has been immunized against polio, measles, tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B as well as other communicable diseases which might come up in future and be considered to be immunized for as well by the Department of Health.

6.5. If the learner comes from another school, a letter of transfer and the most recent report card of the learner.

6.6. If the parent/ guardian is unable to submit the documents mention in section 6.5., then he or she must submit a written affidavit stating the reason/s.

6.7. Note: Documentation showing signs of erasure or which have ben altered in any way will not be accepted.

All copies or required documentation must be certified


7.1. Learners whose parents are in possession of a permit for temporary or permanent residence issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs may be admitted.

7.2. Learners who entered the country on a study permit must present the permit on admission

7.3. Persons classified as illegal aliens will only be admitted on the basis that they show evidence that they have applied to the South African Department of Home Affairs to legalize their stay in South Africa.

7.4. Persons classified as illegal aliens, whose applications to legalize their stay was declined, will not be admitted.