Admission Process


The following steps must be followed before admission can be done for every new learner at Christian School Lesedi La Ditshaba

  1. Parent/ Guardian must inform the school about is or her intentions of placing the child at Christian School Lesedi la Ditshaba (this can be done. This can be done face to face, through a telephone call or an email.
  2. The process of admission will be thoroughly explained to the parent- steps 3 to 8 as prescribed in this document) on the day they communicate their intention to place their children at school.
  3. The parent/ guardian must pay the non-refundable prescribed registration fee into the school’s account.
  4. The parents or guardian must bring the proof of payment to the school and receive the application forms to be filled. The application forms must be returned by the prescribed due date. Failure to do so might result in the available space being filled by someone else because of uncertainty that the parent is still interested to place their child at Christian School Lesedi La Ditshaba.
  5. The parent will receive a date for parent/guardian interviews. The interview is intended to clear the vision, mission, and objectives of the school to the parent/guardian, to understand the expectations of the parent and to clear the role they have to play with in their child’s education. The outcome of the interview will determine if the learner will be accepted to study at the school or not. The outcome and reasons thereof must be communicated to the parent/ guardian on the same day of the interview. (only persons responsible to raise the child will be allowed to sin in for an interview. Parents who gave the rearing responsibilities to their relatives must submit a written letter stating that the guardianship is given to someone else. This letter must be signed by the transferor of guardianship and the transferee, have their contact numbers as well as their physical addresses. Certified Identity documents for both must be attached
  6. If interview is successful, the parent/ guardian will be given the Agreement of Tuition to sign, an explanation of fees, uniforms etc. also on the day of the interview. The contract must however be read beforehand and understood. Due date for the contract to be returned to school will be given to the parent/ guardian. Due date for the first prescribed school fees will be given to the parent. The payment of school fees on due date is also crucial because if it is not done the school will automatically assume that the learner will not be coming to school anymore and therefore fill the available space.
  7. Parent/ guardian must bring the receipt for the prescribed school fees to school on time.
  8. The learner will then be fully registered with Christian School Lesedi La Ditshaba and be allowed to start the lessons.