Attendance Policy


Christian School Lesedi a Ditshaba believes that every parent/ guardian has received a divine responsibility to raise their children. As a result parents/guardians must make sure that learners attend school and do so on time.


1.1. Learners are required by law to be present at school for the entire day and for the entire term periods, as determined by the School Board.
1.2. Parent/guardians wishing to keep their children from school must send a letter to the school before the required leave of absence, informing the class teacher of the intention as well as clarifying the reasons.
1.3. Learners will not be permitted to leave the school for dental/ medical appointments unless they are of an urgent nature.
1.4. In the event of learner being absent from the school, a parent/ guardian must please contact the reception. The information will then be handed over to the registered class educator who will record the reason for the absenteeism and
place the letter on file.
1.5. Unauthorized absence from school or lessons is a serious misdemeanor.
1.6. The class educator will communicate any concerns arising from absenteeism to parent/guardian with an aim to reduce it.


2.1. We expect punctuality.
2.2. The learner should report to reception on arrival with a note from his/ her parent/ guardian. Parents are expected to co- operate in his regard and to provide a note explaining late arrival.
2.3. The time the learner arrived at school will be recorded so that the relevant teacher or grade leader can be informed.
2.4. In case of the parent/guardian accompanying the late learner, the security officer available at the gate during school hours will make sure that the both the learner and parent/guardian report to the office. The receptionist will then accompany the learner to class.


3.1. A signed letter from parent/guardian requesting early leave from school, must be handed in to the class teacher who will then notify the receptionist.
3.2. The teacher will inform the parent/guardian about the response on the note and communicate well the implications of the learner leaving early, such as losing some study time etc.
3.3. The class educator must make sure that the learner reports to the reception at least 5 minutes before the required time of leaving to the reception office where e/she will remain until the person coming to collect him/ her arrives
3.4. The learner will not be allowed to leave early without the signed letter from recognized parent/guardian. In case of any doubts about the authencity of the letter, the class educator will contact the parent/guardians
3.5. If the learner is ill and needs to return home, the decision will be taken by one of the school First aiders after consulting with the class educator and the parent will be contacted to come and collect the sick child. The responsible person collecting the learner must report at the reception.
3.6. If there is no record of a learner leaving school early and not having followed the above procedure, then this will be interpreted as truancy.


4.1. In the event of a learner being absent for an examination, a doctor’s or other official’s certificate is required. Depending on the other reasons apart from medical a note from the parent/ guardian is required.
4.2. Under no circumstances may the learner miss any period/ day before or after a test/ examinations. Missing a day without permission is considered to be bunking.
4.3. Educators reserve the right to determine whether or not a missed test will be re- written. If a test is not written, an estimate is given.