Grade R

Grade R

This was the most important time for the youngest learners at our school. Most of them had to get used to speaking English all the time and to learn through that language. Learning was made fun through singing, repetition of important words, stories, movies, athletics, jungle gym, going through obstacle courses and excursion. We also learned about shapes, and colours.

Biblical lessons were a priority and learners were taught about the Lord, the only Creator as well as the birth of Jesus Christ.

Grade 1

In grade 1 we understand that the beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord, therefore the goal of our Bible lessons was that we should know the Lord as our personal Saviour and to righteously fear Him.

Similar to any other school, we had learners who struggled who experienced barriers in learning. We offered them support through special homework and extra readings. Parents were also requested to use more English at home so that learners can get used to the language. We thank the Lord for all parents who were always ready to corporate and teach along with us. Learners are encouraged to serve and help one another.

Most of them had to be reminded of all hat they learned in Grade R in order for build up to be made.

This was a new challenge for their teacher who is also new at our school.

Her passion and desire to learn and transfer her knowledge to the learners is unquestionable.

Grade 2

One of the highlights in Grade 2 was computer lessons. This was exciting for both the learners and teachers. Even though we struggled for the first weeks with limited computers we praise the Lord for the additions he has made.

Learners were also taught about the bible, what it is, where it comes from and why they should honour every word in it. Some of them had limited knowledge of what the bible is as well as the contents and we pray for the Lord to plant more and more of His word in their hearts so that they can personally know the Lord.

More reading was encouraged for learners to get to know the English language and to increase their ability of self-expression through communication.

Grade 3

We call them the seniors in foundation phase. From the first day they are taught and prepared for the next phase, where they will be taught by more than one teacher, a new style of learning.

We received two new learners who never studied at our school before and though they have joined us late, they are doing very well. There is always extra effort put in by the class teacher to make sure that no learner is left behind.

Preaching the gospel has brought some conscious changes in our learners especially the knowledge that they should love another Christ loved them and to always remembers that only God is the judge and that they should never avenge themselves.

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