Tuesday 16 January Staff meeting Monday 9 April Staff Meeting
Wednesday 17 January School opening day Tuesday 10 April School opening day
Saturday 20 January Staff and board meeting Friday 27 April Freedom day
Monday 22 January Photo shoot Monday 30 April School holiday
Friday 9 February Athletics (inter house) Tuesday 1 May Workers day
Saturday 17 February Parents meeting Thursday 10 May Ascension day celebration
Wednesday 28 February Phase meetings (both phases separately) Friday 11 May Ball games competitions
Wednesday 21 March Human rights day Friday 18 May Pentecost celebration
Friday 23 March Excursion Tuesday 29 May Phase meetings (both phases)
Tuesday 27 March Report collection Monday 4-14 June Midyear examinations
Wednesday 28 March School  closes @11:am Friday 15 June Excursion
Monday 16 July Staff Meeting Monday 8 October Staff Meeting
Tuesday 17 July School opening day Tuesday 9 October School opening day
Thursday 9 August Women’s day Thursday 25 October Phase meetings (both phases)
Friday 10 August School holiday Monday 12-21 November End of year Examinations
Friday 17 August Chess tournament Friday 23 November Grade R graduation ceremony
Friday 24 August Quiz competitions Friday 30 November Excursion
Friday 31 August Table tennis Competition Wednesday 5 December Report collection
Thursday 6 September Phase meetings (both phases) Thursday 6 December School closes @11:00 am
Friday 14 September Excursion      
Thursday 20 September Report collection      
Friday 21 September School Closes @11:00 am